Hey, sorry, I didn’t even hear you come in! I’ll put the kettle on quickly.

So, this is the studio apartment that I’ve always wanted. It’s a loft space, pretty airy, somewhere in the middle of this mad, bustling city we call “life,” and the view is great. Here, have a look outside: that’s the bus I take just down there, and the park is just across the road. Oh, and that’s where I want to be one day, in that big building with the flashing “happiness” sign on it.

Hmm, what’s that? Yes, of course, just leave your coat at the door.

Do you take sugar? Milk? Great, I’ll get that just now. Let’s take a quick walk through the place, if that’s alright. You can probably tell by the decor and the way that I’ve arranged everything that I enjoy a lot. Music stuff is down the corridor in the study – movies too – and I’ve got a little library area around the corner as well. Then, just to your left is the door to the living room, where I put all my general lifestyle things, and this is the lounge, for just catching-up with friends.

This is obviously the kitchen, and I’m in here quite a lot. Here’s your coffee by the way. Oh, and I’m quite excited about the walk-in wardrobe too. Loads of space, and a huge mirror as well.

It’s small, but that’s pretty much it. Feel free to make yourself at home, and I hope you get as much out of life as you can. This is your space as much as it is mine, so use it, read it, live it, and don’t stress too much. You can relax now, promise. Just kick-back, and enjoy the view.