“What’s up, Doc?”

Ah, the Doc Marten. What a timeless, trendy, rugged, grungey, brilliant brand of shoes.

I got my first (and only) pair back in 2014, and I still wear them… often. They have since become my go-to slip-on pair o’ shoes, next to my converse sneakers, and they are perfect for pretty much anything. Plus, although they cost quite a lot, they are still intact and still going strong – thus underpinning my “spend more now, save more later” motto on buying quality clothing.

However, a lot of people see them as winter shoes, and this post is going to show you some of the ways in which I wear my Docs in summer. Now, Doc Martens come in sooo many styles, so each will have their own kind of “optimal weather” and “optimal look.” I also live in a place where the summer is quite warm, so regions with wetter summers will probably wear Docs throughout the year anyway.

Nevertheless, my Docs take on the “classic” Marten style of boot, and although they are part of the Elk Leather range, the most popular Docs will most likely work with the 4 styles covered in this post anyway.


#1 Laced Docs-and-socks

This is a great look for cooler days and evenings, and works really well with tight pants and skinny jeans. I personally prefer tennis socks, which I have in black, brown and white, because they are thin and still breathable. It means I can tuck my pants into the Docs without there being too much fabric in the shoe and making the boots tight.

If you don’t wear long pants but still want pulled-up socks, I would suggest folding the top of socks over an elastic band, so that they don’t slip down. This obviously depends on what kind of socks you wear, but  – long pants or not – this look is an easy one to pull off, and letting the socks stick out the tops of the Docs can be a quirky way to break up your outfit’s colours a little.


#2 Folded socks-and-Docs

I realised these outfit names are starting to sound like a Dr. Seuss book, haha. Anyway…

This is one of my favourites but it requires me to wear quite thick socks, so either I wear shorter pants or just wait for colder days. Still, this is a very slick look, and the wider ankle created by the fold of the thick socks actually looks quite classy, somehow.

This would also work with thinner socks in case you do get too warm, and it’s worth experimenting with long pants, skirts, and shorts to see which looks better. Usually, I like matching my socks with my sweater rather than my pants, but if you have a dress or a statement piece for your jumper or shirt, then contrasting with your socks can actually work really nicely.


#3 Laced Docs

The next two looks are how I tend to end up wearing my Docs when I just slip them on and go. How I wear them between the two depends on what I wear up top.

I prefer lacing my Docs when I wear t-shirts or when I’m wearing tighter-fitting clothing. I just think that – sometimes, not all the time – wearing Docs that are loosely tied up and “flapping down” when you’ve got a slim-fit shirt or jumper on, can look a little messy. However, if I’m wearing ripped shirts and jeans, then that combination can actually work quite nicely together. I guess you could call it a level of formality, so it’ll depend on if you want to look street-grunge or a well-dressed.

Lacing Doc Martens can suit long pants, shorts, dresses or skirts, but I do think that keeping an eye on the baggy-tight shape of your outfit will add an edge of style to your look. In other words, if you’re all slim-fit, then lace your Docs. If your dress is boob-tube at the top, and frills out at the bottom, then lace your Docs. But long dresses and skirts are definitely better with laced Docs than the next look, even though iy’ll end up being a matter of taste at the end of the day.


#4 Loose Docs

Last but not least, loosely slipped-on Docs are probably the least “planned” looking look out of the 4, but if you do plan it then you can actually create a well put-together outfit.

The how-to of this one is self-explanatory, but what to wear it with might need a little more investigation. As I said above, this look and the last are pretty interchangeable, but this one in particular is a great one with a tight pair of shorts (or a short dress or skirt) and a long-sleeve shirt or sweater. I wouldn’t suggest wearing Docs open like this with a long skirt or dress, but the loose does look great when you can expose some leg and extend your top half with long sleeves to complement the wider shape from the Docs.

Docs are pretty versatile, though, and these are really only a look at the different ways you can wear your Docs in both winter and summer. They are great for rainy days, but are equally good for days out in the sun and suit shorts and a t-shirt as well as any other sneaker. Good quality, good looks, and an all-round great pair of shoes to have in your cupboard.


This post is not sponsored.

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