“What Everyone’s Thinking” about AJR

From sampling Spongebob Squarements for Kohl’s department store’s daytime playlist, to a record deal with Warner Bro’s Music, AJR have gone from strength to strength. In just over 3 three years, this trio of brothers have created music that has been played globally, and have even garnered the recognition of celebrities like Sia. Now, with their latest EP, they are continuing their feel-good success.

With roots in the New York busking scene, brothers Adam, Jack and Ryan shortened their names to AJR and began producing music from their bedroom. Their feel-good, get-up-and-dance sound is infectiously inherent in their music, and coming from such humble beginnings has meant that the trio takes nothing for granted.

Banner sourced from AJRBrothers.com

I actually discovered their single, Weak, at the end of a vlog I watched on YouTube. I frantically did a Google search with the few lyrics I heard and, presto, I found AJR. Within the hour, I had play-listed them to my YouTube, as well as drafted this post on my blog. Their music is that infectiously good.

With such a buoyant, electro-pop sound, it’s really difficult not to fall in love with these guys.Moreover, there’s no production team, no studio musicians, no session singers, nada… they give an entirely new meaning to DIY-music, and I dig it.

From songs like Woody Allen, which is somehow reminiscent of a toned-down, less boy-bandy One Direction, to tracks such as Growing Old on Bleecker Streetwhich throws in a ukulele and sounds like Paper Kites and Colbie Caillait had a song-child, these guys just have such a diverse exploration of pop music. It’s actually really refreshing to listen to them, and a lot of their songs have a weird nostalgia to them, to something you can’t really put your finger on but know is happy, and full of life.

To be honest, I could keep blowing their trumpet for another few paragraphs. But I’d rather you go and see for yourself. So: enjoy!


3 thoughts on ““What Everyone’s Thinking” about AJR

    1. Awesome! So glad to hear dude. They really are still far too under-rated. My favourite is “Weak,” but some other ones which people have really taken to are ones like “I’m not famous” and – oh yes, this one is also really cool – “Let the games begin.” I’ve been to a lot of horse-racing recently, so the trumpet line in “Let the games begin” is such a quirky topline to listen to. It makes me feel like going outside and just going crazy and jumping around. A pretty contagious jam indeed.

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