Gooseberry jam

Gooseberries are not everyone’s favourite, but for the rarity of finding an affordable bunch of these guys in the shops over here, I couldn’t resist. And the first thing that came to mind was to make jam out of them.




I’ve made banana jam before, but I knew this would be quite different to do and much closer to the more traditional jam-making process. It requires a long time on the stove, and a lot of sugar, but the end result is a very nice addition to warm toast in the morning.

What I love about these jams is that it’s a summer ingredient, but you can make it for those cold winter mornings, or chilly winter evenings, when you’re having your coffee and toast or scone. It’s such a simple way to not let summer’s reward go to waste, but still have something in the barren winter.




Gooseberries here do look different to the UK. Any recipe I Googled had me making sure that what I had bought were indeed gooseberries! They’re slightly rounder, and slightly more orange, but taste and look the same on the inside.

The sticky pot is not fun to wash up afterwards, but everything else is decadence. Slow and steady are key, though, and you can’t rush this process. It takes patience and a few trips back-and-forth to the kitchen so you can stir the pot, lift the lid, lower the heat, etc.




I must say though – as the picture above shows – I think I added slightly too much sugar to mine. The jam is delicious, but its consistency is more like sticky syrup than jam. I might not boil out so much of the water next time, and maybe take out a few teaspoons of sugar as well.

But experiment, and see how yours goes if you do make this. Please let me know if you have any tips, too, as this really was my first time and I’m very much wet-behind-the-ears with this.

The end result was, however, a good jar of gooseberry jam. And yes, I used a chopped peppadews jar. I’m certain that its my gooseberries though, and I’m very much looking forward to breakfast tomorrow morning.





Gooseberry jam
Vegan, gluten-free

3 cups gooseberries 3 large bananas
2 cups brown sugar
3/4 cups water

  • Wash your gooseberries, and prepare them if necessary by taking off the tops and bottoms.
  • Add everything into a pot, and bring it to boil on a gentle hear.
  • Continue simmering until enough liquid has been boiled away.
  • If storing, sterilise a jar in boiling water before putting jam into it. Otherwise, simply wash a jar and keep jam refrigerated.

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