Review: Vaseline “MEN” face-wash and moisturiser

(this post is not sponsored, and is not a paid-for advertisement)

I don’t often do these kinds of product reviews, but I’ve been buying these two facial-care products for a while, and I feel like I need to at least justify why I spend as much as I do on them.

Firstly, I just want to clarify that I don’t think the “MEN” part of this is something to adhere to strictly. There’s loads of debate online whether these “for men” and “for women” products bear any truth, or if they’re just commercial selling strategies, and you can decide for yourself which you buy. However, I do think when it comes to oil control and keeping your skin clear and healthy, there really isn’t a gender-specific or sex-specific product. Just buy whatever works for you. Period.


So, what are we looking at price-wise, right? That’s a primary concern for most of us, and there’s no need to shy away from that. Relatively, the Vaseline range tends to fall at a mid-range tier, with it being above the house-brand kind of products but still below the EucerinNivea, and L’Oreal  ranges. So, just for that, it’s worth trying out.

Personally, knowing Vaseline’s popular petroleum jelly tubs, I wouldn’t naturally gravitate to their facial wash and moisturising products. I think my mum bought the face wash once, just off a whim really, and I found it helped within the first two applications already. I have skin that tends to build-up oil over the day, and if I don’t wash my face when I wake-up and before I go to bed, I usually get quite a few spots on my forehead.

The face wash has a really nice foam that you feel sinking into your pores as you apply it. You massage it onto wet skin, and already after washing it off you feel how the oil has lifted up and off your skin. It feels almost tight, because your skin is basically oil-free – and this after the first wash.


Now, I’ve never really been one for moisturising, but with this wash it’s quite important to do so. Just like you have good and bad bacteria, and good and bad cholesterol, you also have good and bad skin oils. The face wash takes off most of the oils, and so it makes sense to replace the good ones. Otherwise, your skin will feel dry, and will not be able to protect itself from further build-up. And for that, Vaseline’s hyrdration moisturiser works wonders.

They have a few different moisturisers, so pick the one that’s best for you, but I use this one because it helps with the puffy bags under my eyes. It also has a cooling sensation, which is really relieving for the skin after the face-wash’s oil removal. The micro-droplets are also a scientific wonder, and penetrate the epidermis layer of the skin to moisturise from the inside out, as well as from the surface down.

All-in-all, these two products in conjunction have really helped control my oily skin. I don’t break-out like a pubescent teen anymore, and my skin just looks brighter and healthier as well. It isn’t often you find such a well-priced, fast-acting skincare range as this one, so I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this – be it to men, women, or whatever else you identify as. It’s a reliable range, and won’t empty your wallet either.

Thumbs-up from this side.


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