Apartment tour

Kitchen: the pots and pans are hanging up over there, cutlery and cutting knives are in the drawer to your left, and everything else you might need are in those cupboards up there. The oven is electric, stove-top is gas, aaand… oh yeah, this is where I keep all my recipes. Feel free to dig around, and try whatever you like.

Living room: whatever you need, be it decor or money-saving tips, this is where you’ll find it. If it’s lifestyle, it’ll be in here.

Study: this is an office set-up, but I mainly use it to store my CDs and my movies, and to stream new albums or check out some of the lastest big-screen releases. Once I’ve seen it, you’ll be able to come here to find out what I thought!

Lounge: I’ve kitted this room out with sofas, recliners, and scatter cushions galore. This is where I really just like to kick-back, relax, and catch-up. Come here for a chat whenever you need to escape from everything else, yeah?

Library: ah, yes… my books. Reading is a great hobby of mine, albeit not one I often have the time to pursue. But having this room really helps me make the time, and you are welcome in here whenever you need some advice on what to read. I’d love to help you out.

Wardrobe: I’m no fashionista, and I don’t keep up with the latest fashion-week trends, but I do enjoy putting effort into the things I wear. I don’t style by brand, but rather by quality and by look, so hopefully you’ll find a lot of relatable insights here. Consider it your fitting room – have fun with it!